Innovation Booster Fashion & Lifestyle Open Innovation Manifesto

Fostering Science-Based and Sustainable Radical Innovation.

Innovation Booster Fashion & Lifestyle Guiding Principles

In the dynamic realm of Fashion and Lifestyle, we, advocates of this Open Innovation Manifesto, dedicate ourselves to nurturing thematic communities embodying principles like leadership, equality, collaboration, and sustainability. Aligned with Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, our Fashion and Lifestyle Innovation Booster strives to be a catalyst for sustainable, science-based radical innovation. These communities, supported by open collaboration, aim not only to push fashion boundaries but also to exemplify ethical innovation in lifestyle. Together, we weave a path towards an inclusive, sustainable, and innovative future in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. The community manifesto outlines the fundamental principles upon which the entire Innovation Booster community is built. All members of the Innovation Booster community are willing to stand in good faith by the values and principles set out in this Community Manifesto.

Leadership and Experimentation

Leadership that fosters creativity is championed, acknowledging the varied talents that contribute to the Fashion and Lifestyle landscape. Cultural change is welcomed as an opportunity to redefine methods for improvement. Challenging preconceived notions and limiting beliefs is a daring endeavour, allowing us to occasionally pursue the unconventional or unexpected. Leading by example and paving the way, due recognition is given to both those who strive and those who face setbacks.

Collaboration and Openness

The heart of fashion innovation beats in collaboration and openness fuels creativity. We shall seek to leverage complementarities before contrasting differences. We shall facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, attract and value potential, break down traditional boundaries, and foster synergies among diverse talents. Openness and diversity fuel creativity. We shall encourage the open exchange of knowledge, ideas, and insights, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes through shared wisdom.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Ethics shall guide the design and creation of fashion and lifestyle innovations. We shall uphold ethical standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in all processes. Fashion shapes culture; therefore, we embrace our responsibility to society. Thematic communities shall prioritize sustainable solutions that contribute positively to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Work Ethics, Transparency and Trust

Commitments are honoured with unwavering dedication, ensuring excellence in all endeavours. The fulfilment of responsibilities is approached with a passion that considers the interests of middlemen, partners, and customers. Communities shall prioritize transparency in processes, decision-making, and outcomes, ensuring that all have access to relevant information. Trust is the foundation of successful collaborations. We shall foster an atmosphere of trust, promoting open communication, and ethical conduct within the Fashion and Lifestyle innovation ecosystem.

Human and User-Centricity

In the world of fashion, the human touch is paramount. Our endeavours shall be desirable and meaningful for humans from all walks of life. Thematic communities shall prioritize human and user-centric design, ensuring that innovations resonate with the diverse needs and desires of individuals.

Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equality

Thematic communities shall actively seek and celebrate diverse perspectives, recognizing the power of inclusion in shaping the future of Fashion and Lifestyle innovation. By dismantling barriers and cultivating equal opportunities, we strive for a workplace that thrives on the richness of differences. Our dedication to gender equality is reflected in empowering all individuals to reach their full potential. Together, we stand as advocates, cultivating a culture that celebrates diversity in every aspect.

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